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Career Opportunities

NYCM Insurance offers excellent career opportunities in the following areas:

The Application Development Division is responsible for building, maintaining and securing cutting edge industry standard applications that support the ever growing needs of the business. We employ Software Developers, Database Analysts and Business Intelligence specialists.
Our Claims Representatives pride themselves on swift, thorough review of losses. They are responsible for investigation and negotiation of each claim and, where a settlement is warranted, authorize payment.

The Call Center is an award winning division that interacts with every department within the company. Our Customer Service Professionals assist callers with quotes, policy information, accounts questions, and claims in a friendly, competent and efficient manner. The Call Center operates in 3 locations: Orchard Park, Sherburne and Edmeston. This is a dynamic area that utilizes cutting edge phone and computer technology to service our insureds and agents. The Call Center operates 24/7/365 which allows for the offering of flexible shifts.

E-Commerce is responsible for marketing and delivering our products and services to our customers through automation. Web site development and maintenance, Agency Interface and evaluating new and emerging E-business trends define this area.

Facility Management is responsible for maintaining a secure and safe work environment for all employees. This includes housekeeping, construction, electrical, physical security, and vendor relations. This area requires the ability to work with many divisions throughout the corporation, as well as outside vendors, to keep things in good working order.

The Financial Services Department has earned NYCM Insurance a strong financial standing in the insurance community through sound investments. This department is also responsible for billing, accounting, premium collection and expense trending. Each of these services provides critical support throughout the company, as well as securing our impressive financial status.

The Human Resources Department administers payroll and benefits to all our employees. This division is involved in educational/training and personnel issues.

Our Internal Audit & Compliance Department is tasked with evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, internal control, regulatory compliance and information security through internal audits, compliance and security reviews and consulting engagements. We employ Internal Auditors, Compliance Analysts and Information Security Analysts.

IT Infrastructure (ITINF) is responsible for all aspects of the technology framework used by NYCM to perform the processes related to writing insurance policies and paying claims relating to these policies. ITINF is set up in two core areas - Network/Server and PC/Technical Services. Network/Server is in place to transport, process, and archive the data which is involved in the policy-writing and claims settlement processes, including infrastructure related to the telecom systems. PC/Technical Services provides desktop support for all employees and print services for policies and claims. In addition, all incoming and outgoing mail for the Company is processed through this area.

Marketing is responsible for the brand and agency (sales) management of NYCM Insurance. We handle everything from advertising and social media to sales reports and contract negotiations. Exceptional communication and problem solving skills are put to the test each and every day as we work with all divisions to achieve growth, profitability and efficiency in the marketplace.

The NYCM Café provides nutritious and delicious lunches for NYCM employees, as well as private business lunches and business catering for small meetings on and off premises. We are a full service restaurant serving lunch from 11:30am - 1:00pm. We employ waitstaff, cooks, prep cooks, and dishwashers.

At NYCM Insurance, Product Management is responsible for the oversight and management of our insurance products with a primary focus on innovation, growth and profitability. Throughout the entire product life-cycle, our team serves as the facilitator and central communication unit for product development and performance. Elements of Product Management include product research, marketplace pricing analysis, ratemaking and actuarial analyses, strategy development, and performance monitoring. Utilizing a breadth of data and analytical techniques, we identify areas of opportunity and develop competitive products that meet our customers' needs while also generating the profitable returns that support the longstanding stability of NYCM Insurance.

Project management supports the organization in ensuring that the appropriate projects are performed on time, on budget, and meet the needs of the customer. Specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques are applied through the life of a project to properly manage its completion. We employ application testers responsible for the functional testing of applications developed internally, as well as project coordinators and project managers responsible for the management of large scale, company priority projects.

Regulatory and Legal Affairs provides high quality, consistent, practical, timely, and cost effective service to assist NYCM Insurance in meeting its operational and public policy goals.

NYCM Insurance is one of the few insurance companies that fights Premium Fraud. We have established a Special Investigation Unit (SIU) that cooperates with Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement agencies to arrest and convict individuals for insurance fraud and other related crimes.

Underwriters determine the acceptability of insurance risks, based on company guidelines and marketing direction. They evaluate the information given on an application, gather additional information needed to determine acceptability and make sure the risk is properly insured.

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