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Protect Yourself by Calling
to Report Insurance Fraud.

Can You Avoid Fraud?


Always call the police, regardless of who is at fault or the amount of property damage. Make sure an official police report is filed, even if damage is negligible. An accurate account of accident details is important when evaluating whether a claim is valid.


Count the number of passengers in the other car. If possible, get the name, address and driver license number of all occupants. This helps prevent frivolous lawsuits and claims paid to people who weren't actually in the car. Carry a disposable camera in your car and take pictures of all involved vehicles as well as the accident scene.


Immediately notify your insurance carrier if you are involved in any accident. Claim representatives are trained to recognize indicators of fraud and investigate suspicious claims.

To anonymously report fraud, call NYCM Insurance SIU at: 888-253-7887 (888-ALE-RTUS)

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